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BigMow robotic mower, mows underneath solar panels at a GE facility.
BigMow & GE
mowing under solar panels

Bigmow reduces your mowing costs
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ParcMow robotic lawn mower covers 2-3 acres without gasoline or oil

The ParcMow is a smaller version of the BigMow.  It has three floating heads and is made to maintain 2 ½ to 3 acres of grass.  All of the features of the ParcMow are exactly the same as the BigMow.  They are powered the same, cut and recharge the same way, all of the benefits and features are the same.  It is smaller, the cut is narrower and it is lighter.  The unit was designed for smaller lawns and home use. 

ParcMow Specifications

Cutting System 3 discs with 3 blades
Cutting Height From 0.875" to 3.125"
Cutting Disc Motor 3 phase, 24 volt, 50 watt
Rotation Speed 3700 RPM
Back Wheel Motor 24 volt, 94 watt
Maintenance Capacity 5-7 acres, +/- 20 %
Mowing Speed (max)

3.25 feet per second

Mowing Area 39,000 square feet per hour
Weight 80 pounds
Length 39.3"
Height 18.3"
Width 37.8"
Recharging Station 30 volt AC
Peripheral Wire 0.5 volt, 50mA
Transformer 230/115 volt, double insulated
Consumption 100 watts/hour

ParcMow Benefits

  • Reduce lawn maintenance labor
    • Cost reduction
      • The high cost of lawn maintenance is no secret and with the rise in gasoline prices they will only continue to rise. The electric powered Parcmow eliminates both the labor and gasoline expenses.
    • More time to do other things
      • If you're mowing the lawn yourself, start up the Parcmow and let it run. Use the time to spend with your family, friends, or other aspects of your business.

  • Environmentally friendly
    • Electric powered
      • The Parcmow runs on (3) 24V NiCad rechargeable batteries. When the batteries reach a low level, the Parcmow automatically returns to the charging station where it will stay until the batteries are completely recharged. The charging station itself runs on either 110V or 220V and is hardwired to the breaker box.

        Parcmow on charger   Parcmow Batteries
    • No bagging and dumping of clippings
      • Since the Parcmow runs around the clock it uses the three razor blades on each of the 3 cutting heads to cut the tips of the grass blades so there is no stress to the grass and the small clippings decompose very quickly. This eliminates the need to rake and bag the grass clippings while providing natural nutrients to the lawn.

        Parcmow cutting heads
    • Natural fertilzer
      • Since the small clippings decompose back into the soil, there is less need for chemical fertilizers. This will reduce the cost of maintenance even further while reducing the toxic chemicals applied to your lawn.
  • Manicured lawns all the time
    • Parcmow will run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except when it is charging or unless there is not enough resistance on the blades (meaning the grass hasn’t grown enough). In that case, the Parcmow will wait a few hours, then go back out. The constant mowing keeps the lawn looking great while the natural fertilization creates a thicker greener lawn.


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